Consulting & Outsourcing

Consulting & Outsourcing

Whether needing a short or long-term boost to your on-site staffing, or when requiring only the most knowledgeable and highly-effective project consulting, Integrated offers an immediate and cost-effective solution. When you outsource your facilities management operations to Integrated, you'll be reducing your overhead costs while simultaneously gaining access to our world-class capabilities, field-tested processes and innovative software tools.


Outsourcing and Consulting

Lower Costs, Improved Capabilities

By using Integrated for your outsourcing and consulting needs, you'll immediately benefit from obtaining a wide-range of specialized services and enjoy lower overhead costs. Integrated can help you quickly and easily integrate one or more of our expert staff members into your team. No recruiting or training necessary.


A New Degree of Flexibility

With Integrated, you can easily increase and decrease staffing levels as needed - without having to interview, hire, or train a new employee or be forced to lay off employees when business slows down or when a project is completed. Outsource as necessary, whenever your business requires it and as often or infrequently as you want.


What our clients say
It looks great and I am very satisfied. Your guys did a wonderful job. They arrived on time, were very pleasant and worked quickly and efficiently.

Project Supervisor
FOJP Service Corporation