Move & Churn Management

Move and Churn Management

When the time comes to welcome new employees, move current employees, relocate phones and computers, or vacate specific work areas, you'll need a smooth, efficient process for planning and execution. Integrated can help manage the intricate and countless details to ensure that you maximize your efficiencies and reduce the opportunity to incur unneeded expenses or delays. With Integrated, our team of specialized move and churn professionals ensure that moves, adds and changes are carried out as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while helping you make the best possible use of your entire space.


Move and Churn Management

Effortless, Speedy and Reliable Moves

Integrated has conquered the challenges you'll face in conducting your next move, and we've created a moving process that is effortless, speedy, and stress-free. Our experts have the industry knowledge and in-field experience to deliver the results you need. Regardless of your organization's size or geographical location, we are a provider of quality-driven services both locally and across the country.


Our Move & Churn Managers can:


  • Assist with or develop a relocation budget and assessment of necessary resources and time to complete the relocation
  • Collaborate with all parties involved to develop a move schedule and timeline of moving events
  • Help select and coordinate external vendors including IT, telecommunication, movers, installers
  • Develop and distribute a move plan to minimize work disruption
  • Connect with your property manager, landlord, builder or architect to ensure a successful and timely relocation into the new workspace
  • Provide on-site Project Management of the entire relocation process


What our clients say

I just want you to know that I couldn't have been more pleased with The Integrated Group. They have been so cooperative and responsive. This has not been an easy install due to the downtown location, the slow construction and dealing with other trades during install, and their overall attitude and problems with orders.


Project Manager
The WorkPlace, Inc.